What do we do?

Anodizing Process

The anodizing process is a surface treatment of aluminum, based on the formation of an aluminum oxide controlled layer (AI2O3). We achieve it with an electrolytic process. The pieces are carried out in an acid medium with which the desired layer is achieved, which usually varies between 4 and 15 μm depending on the application time.

This process gives the piece various benefits:

  • Corrosion protection
  • Increased hardness
  • Protection against climatic factors
  • Possibility of coloring the piece itself
  • Electrical isolation

In addition to this, with the process we can achieve the desired finish of the aluminum piece, giving it almost any color, as well as a gloss or satin finish.

It is not a layer of paint that could chip or flake, it is a finish on the surface of the piece itself, which provides unbeatable visual characteristics, excellent resistance and a metallic finish.

We are agile in complex anodized parts and large quantities

Production process

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At the reception, we control the material and store it for later production.

[Proceso control]

With control process, we check the quality of the product received, that it meets the standards requested by the client and our quality requirements.

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With storage process, we carry out the storage of the material based on the assigned production order.

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The enfilade is the beginning of the production where we carry out the correct placement of the aluminum pieces in the racks. Here it is verified that the parts are in good condition and of sufficient quality to be anodized with an optimal result.

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The degreasing process is the first step of bathing the pieces, here we clean the product using detergent agents to remove fats or oils.

The next process can be electropolished or satin depending on the customer’s preference regarding the part.

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Anodizing consists of an electrolytic process used to increase the thickness of the oxide layer on the surface of metal parts, and also making it porous, so we can color it.

[Proceso color]

After anodizing, the pieces are passed through the color process if the piece so requires. The color penetrates into the pore of the anodic layer, so it is integrated into the piece itself, and that is why it is so resistant with this treatment. In this part of the process, samples of pieces are made to verify that the tonality and intensity of the color are correct.

[Poceso fijado en]

With fixing process, the pore of the piece is closed so that it preserves the color, and it is given a fine finish that is soft to the touch.

Once all the steps of bathing the pieces have been completed, they are dried.

[Proceso desenfilado en]

With defiled process, an exhaustive control of the quality of the produced parts is carried out. The color and possible production defects are checked, as well as the dimensional measurements if the client so requests. Once each frame has been reviewed and approved, the pieces are unrolled to store them in boxes.

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The quality department is responsible for checking all production, giving the approval of the required quality.

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Lastly, we manage the expedition, pack the pieces, label them and palletize them for subsequent reception by the customer.

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With sending process, we manage the logistics of the shipment.

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Feedback is very important to understand the needs of each one, so in the after-sales process we communicate with the customer for possible improvements and to solve any incident.

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The delivery are agreed with the clients, always depending on the type of part, quantity requested or complexity of the same.

Our customers

Cosmetic products
Others: Automotive, turning, machining, etc.

95% of our customers products that we anodize come from cosmetic products, although we can anodize other types of parts such as automotive,
turning, machining, parts…