The great trust granted by our customers is largely due to the strict quality controls of the parts produced, as it is one of the main axes of our business philosophy, in order to satisfy their needs.

In order to achieve the desired quality objective, our company performs up to 4 visual controls, and dimensional if necessary.


Quality control processes

Prior check

Before anodizing the pieces, a prior visual check is made, if defective pieces or possible incidents that generate a defect in the anodizing are detected. In these cases, the client is notified so that he knows how to proceed.

Check during production

During production, samples are collected to verify that production is being carried out correctly.

End-of-process control

At this time, it is verified that all the characteristics required by the customer are correct, in addition to separating the defective parts that are detected.


The Quality department again checks that all production is within the parameters required by the client and approves the production to be sent to the client.

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In addition to this, we train our staff in order to guarantee the acquisition of skills in this area, we guarantee the traceability of anodized products, and we maintain constant feedback with customers before and after production, both for control of shipments and to evaluate the final result.